Avoid these mistakes and you can assure your winning in golf

If you are a sport lover, you may be familiar with all kind of penalties in sport games. For instance, in football match, the referee has the right to grant one team a penalty over the other team’s faults. Sometimes the penalties are the only difference that decides the winning and the loosing. It is the same for other sport where penalties are applied for a team or a player when making mistakes or violate the game rules. Continue reading

Learn how to keep your own score

When you go for a golf game and you arrive at the golf field, there are caddies who will follow you and help you with all the side tasks. That is in most of the case because, I know there are people who want to do these tasks on their own. Firstly because they want to save money and I think this is a reasonable excuse for not using caddy services. Continue reading

Keep the tips at the point of your clubs

Actually, it is all about how you set the first hit of each round and the positions where you put your tee for these first hits that I want to mention in this article. There are many examples for you to see and make your own decisions because it is very important. Many people, even the professional golf players are playing their first hits with no idea of where should they put their tees. Continue reading

How to go along well with your driver

Some of my friends who don’t play golf cannot even differentiate between the golf clubs and the golf drivers. They say that these two golf tools look just the same and they think that we can use them in the same way. However, if you play golf, even the beginners can say that these two are not the same and they have different functions and because of this, they are used in different ways. Continue reading

Tee-off the ball, it is not easy like you think

You have learnt many tips and tricks and theory of making back swings, making the best putts, get familiar with your clubs, drivers and overcome all the obstacles existing in a golf field. You are confident that you now know a lot about golf and can make it quite easy. In fact you start quite smoothly and do not have much of a problem until you realize that you lack of something to make your shots better.Continue reading

Playing well in uneven ground

If playing golf is hitting the ball into the hole in flatten ground and with no obstacle then I don’t think the sport can get to this popularity. Not only you have to hit your balls into a far far away hole but you have to also avoid obstacles like sand, water, bush etc. But that is not the end of it, when you think about all the down and up hillsides then you may want to give up on the sport. Continue reading

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