Slow players, fast players

October 26, 2016

When it comes to learning, there are people who are very quick in learning. For these people, there seem to be nothing can stop them from being brilliant at the subjects. This is called talent. On the other hand, there are people who have to struggle with all the steps and theories. Even though they are very diligent, it is hard for them to get through to master the subject. Each person has their own learning speed and this can be fast, this can be slow. If you know who you are in this race, you may get a better idea on how to improve your scores.

How to know if you are a fast or slow player?


This question is not easy and it is quite sensitive to ask other other if they are a slow of fast golfer even though I think they all know deep in their heart who they are in this sport. There are not many slow players admit that they are slow. But you can check with a very simple question on if you are ready and happy to hit the ball when it is your turn. If you are not then you may be a slow player. To know who you are can help you find out the reasons why you are a slow player and how to improve it. Below are some of the most popular reasons.

Not enough of focus

You do not pay enough attention to the game and get distracted somewhere else. This is the top reasons why you may be a slow player. You have to learn to get rid of and stay away from all the distraction to get better in the game.

Too much of focus on the scores


There are people who are not patient and they want to know right away if they are getting high score and how good their hits are. So they spend a lot of time focusing on… counting their scores. This is also a reason why you may be a slow player.

Move on forward

Like doing an exam, you should not spend time on regretting or admiring the scores you just get. It is no help and you have to move forward right away to catch up with other fellow players and head up to the next hits. By this you are not affected by the shots you just made and still keep good mood to hit other better shots. Or else you may stuck with the bad ones you made and finally lose the game.

No one wants to be a slow player, I think and there is one fact that no one wants to play with a slow player because it is very frustrating. You do not want to be in either situation then you have to always pay attention on what you are doing and do the best to improve your skills. Once you get out of all the distractions and get the game back to normal track then you will find it better.



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