Reign Supreme on the Golf Course with a Bushnell GOLF GPS Watch

October 25, 2015
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What is a golf GPS and do you need it?

Golf GPS rangefinders are a helpful device used by golfers to aid them in the sport since rangefinders can determine distance between fixed points on a golf course. These devices can also alert the player about the hazards along the way. Golf GPS rangefinders can either be stand alone or installed to another device like a phone.

Pro golfers and casual players will enjoy the benefits of having a GPS rangefinder. These devices will help increase your chances for winning and taking a good shot. With the aid of golf GPS you will have a clear advantage over your opponents, all that you need to do to clear the course is already laid out to you. The results are more effective than the traditional methods of measuring the course.

Golf GPS are becoming popular both with professionals and casual players so if you want to improve your game and be a step ahead of your opponents then a golf GPS will definitely come in handy.

The Bushnell Golf Gps Watch series for golf

Bushnell is a seasoned company that provides sports enthusiasts with reliable accessories and gadgets. They have created a series of GPS watches made especially for golf.

Here are the top three GPS watches from Bushnell that you should not miss out:
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Why choose the Bushnell GPS Watch brand?

Bushnell is a leading company when it comes to sports optic products available in the market. They have been in the industry for more than 65 years which says a lot about it. For a company to last that long, they must have done something right, and yes they have. They have provided consumers a top of the line devices especially for sports use. They offer high quality products, reliable and affordable sports optics that you will love.

You will enjoy playing golf with their innovative rangefinders that optimize your game play. Their watches are durable and offer a great performance for both pros and newbies in the sport. User-friendliness, optimized function and credibility are what Bushnell is known for and the Bushnell GPS watch for golf are no exception.

If you are looking for a sports optics brand that has been a favorite by many, Bushnell is a brand that you can depend on. They also have great customer relationship because they understand the importance of customer satisfaction. All your queries will be answered by their team whatever time of day.

Pros and Cons of the GPS golf watch

This is true for all the Bushnell watches on the list


  • Simple and straight to the point interface
  • Easy to read even in direct sunlight
  • Stress free programming even for new users
  • Light weight and non-obstructive during swings
  • Great battery life, will last you at least 5-6 hours on course
  • GPS is accurate and all the features work as they should
  • Sleek design, you won’t be embarrassed to strap this on your wrist
  • All the watches are preloaded with 25,000 to 30,000 golf courses in the US and worldwide


  • In some courses there are issues of “lag” and “freeze” with the GPS results but it may be isolated cases

Frequently ask questions 

Here are some common questions about the Bushnell gps golf watch:

What are the terms on the warranty of the product?
How long is the shipping time?
Is the watch easy to read under sunlight?
How long will it take for the yardage results to update?
Where to avail of the product with the best price offer?


GPS range finders for golf have been in the trend and many people have been using it for several years. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned golfer or has just started with the hobby, having your own golf GPS is a must. These devices are not just for show since they can improve your performance and make you a better player.

When you are choosing a Bushnell golf gps watch consider the function, durability and features. Lots of companies offer GPS rangefinders for golf but Bushnell has the best products when it comes to it.



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