Premium clubs and how to use them

September 13, 2016

We all know that golf has a long history and it was a favourite sport of many people in hundred years. And in its history, things have been changed from the beginning. The way people play, the regulations and clothes as well as many things else have been changed and completed to match with current taste. Clubs are not out of the trend. You can see big differences between the clubs used hundred years ago and the ones we are using now.

I have had opportunities to try and play with different clubs and one of my favourites is the hybrid clubs. They look different and give you different experience from the ones you are using now. If somehow you get a hybrid club, you can give it a try and you will see how great it is.

How hybrid clubs were developed

Hybrid clubs have a long history since it was first design and the latest version is the perfect choice for people who play golf for recreation. It is easy to use and easy to hit the balls to far distance. You can rely on it to make long shots and it rarely fails you. Hybrid clubs are also used for different kinds of shot so you do not have to bother changing your clubs after shots. Hybrid clubs are the combination between wood and iron. They have more loft and smaller head in comparison to wood and iron clubs. They are named the same as iron and they are very handy. This is why you can always use it when you do not have your wood or your iron with you.


Using a Hybrid

To talk about hybrid clubs’ advantages then it can create long distance from a shot. Normally, it hits the ball 4-12 yards longer than your normal clubs which is an impressive number. Even though it cannot create much of ball roll but it does not matter with that long of distance it can hit the ball farther. Of course, how long the ball can go depends on how you hit it as well but in general, hybrid clubs are easy to use, easy to reach ball and hit it farther. Make sure you put your weight centered when you hit the ball and put it in your left leg when you finish.


The right time to use a hybrid club

A hybrid club has many functions that can help you improve your performance and scores. The most common times when you can use a hybrid club is when you hit off the tee or hit on a rough. Its club head will help you cut through the rough easily and a chip will not be a problem with the club. It is very consistent and gives good accuracy so you can rely on it and be confident with your next shots.

No matter what club you are using, trying a hybrid club someday if you have the opportunity and you will see the differences. Maybe you will want to have one for yourself one day because this is really a good choice for amateurs.


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