Shank shot: nightmare of golfer

September 28, 2016

I bet that all golf players used to make this mistake, hitting a shank shot. It is like this, you put all the strength in your shot and it goes away and away in the air until it lands right in front of… you. No one can share with you the disappointment at the moment. You will hate yourself for hitting such a stupid shot and will make a promise to yourself that you will never make such stupid shot anymore.Continue reading

Grab your club tight

September 23, 2016

I have shared with you all about the golf clubs and how you use it and make the best out of its. There might be many mistakes you may get but none of them will be a problem to you if you even can not grab your club properly. Recently, when I taught my niece on how to playing golf, I notice that grabbing the clubs is also a skill that every golf player has to acquire. Continue reading

Go up and up and up the green

September 18, 2016

I have introduced to you about the putting tips in my previous article. However, it is not enough for your to climb up the green successfully. You need to do more than that to win the game. Normally, amateurs make their putts to seize the ball up the green first when they get to it. The theory is when you get the ball up to the green then it is all left to do is to hit the ball straight to the holes. Continue reading

Premium clubs and how to use them

September 13, 2016

We all know that golf has a long history and it was a favourite sport of many people in hundred years. And in its history, things have been changed from the beginning. The way people play, the regulations and clothes as well as many things else have been changed and completed to match with current taste. Clubs are not out of the trend. You can see big differences between the clubs used hundred years ago and the ones we are using now. Continue reading

Little knows that this small thing can help you a lot

September 8, 2016

Golf is called sport for rich in some countries. They play golf not because they like it but because they want it and that playing golf gives them good opportunities to expand their network. This is true but also not true if you only want to play it as a sport and want to be a master at it. This may cost you quite a fortune to follow if you are not a good accountant. There are many things to take into account and they can help you save quite a lot of money. The small thing I introduce to you below is one of the best things you can think of that makes it all easy and convenient for you to practise your shots without being distracted by others. Continue reading

Practising chipping with a sign without chipping

September 3, 2016

chippingSometimes when you are at a golf field, you may see a lot of people there. It is true especially in a sunny beautiful day like last Saturday. I went to my regular golf field and found some big groups there practising their skills and shots. Then I noticed one guy who was struggling with this chipping and that was when I realize that I have never shared with you about how to do a good chipping. I went to the man and asked him if he want to share some information and experience in practising the shots. Continue reading

Back issues and what your doctor can help

I am sure each of you have a general practitioner for yourself and you go to him or her at least several time a year for checking up. This is a good habit as you can detect and changing your living habits for a better health. One thing that you can do with your doctor besides normal checking up is to seek for consultation from him or her about the poses and things to avoid and take notices of when you play golf. Your back usually one of the parts of your body which you have to pay more attention when playing golf.

Continue reading

Play a putt like pro

If you like golf and want to be good as professionals then one of the good things you should do is to learn from professionals themselves. There were times when I watched a lot of golf games and follow the steps of all famous faces. This did pay me off with some very good tips that I have learnt from them. You should not only learn from one players but the more players you follow and learn from the more tips you may get. Tiger Wood is great, but he can only gives you some tips on some shots.Continue reading

High class golf games

In my point of view, golf is the sport for rich people and because of this, in many cases golf is something more than that. If we take all the sports as a small society then golf is in the high class level which means luxury and expensive. Most of people play golf because their friends, colleagues or partners play it and it is a good way to keep up with your social networks. Many people take golf as a bridge to broaden their connections and it has been proved to be a good way.

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Do not take a risk if you cannot afford it

A game is like an adventure and there are many times when players have to make risky decisions. None can say for sure that taking risks is good or bad and when you are in the situation when there is no other choice for you then taking a risk is necessary. When you take a risk, it means you are putting your fate in the hand of luck. If you are lucky, everything will go as you want it to and things will be bad if luck is not in your side.

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