How to travel around playing golf

October 16, 2016

Like doing gym, if you play golf, you can play it almost everywhere you go. Some hotels do offer golf courses and they even have golf field for you to practise. I know many people who want to play golf when they travel because this is not only a hobby but also a sport that help them stay fit. But preparing and packing for golf is also a trouble for everyone when they travel. There are too many things you have to bring with you and they are quite heavy. If you are on a holiday, you may not want to bring a lot of heavy things with you.

Of course, you can hire golf things at hotels but to use your own things, that is a different story. Below is some tips for you when packing for a holiday.

Travel luggage


It is great to have your own golf clubs with you when you go travelling and to do this, you have to have a good golf bag. You can choose between a hard, soft or hybrid cases. They all have their own advantages. The hard case is good but takes quite a lot of space. The soft one is good for travelling and carrying and the last one can save you some space. But you have to take the cases with wheels into consideration as they are convenient for travelling through long distance.

Shoes and socks


This is important because without them, it is hardly you can have a comfortable golf course. For shoes, you have to bring at least two pairs for changing. You can face with many kinds of weather and landscape when you travel and I think you do not want to wear a wet and dirty pair of shoe. For socks, it is up to you to bring how many pairs but for sure you may want to bring some for changing as well.

Protection clothes

You are leaving in a cold region, and you want to travel to a tropical country then you have to bring with you some clothes to protect you from the sun light. Other things to protect you include hat, sunglasses, sun screen, etc. It is vice versa when you are travelling from a hot country to a cold country. You have to pack clothes to fit with the weather you are facing in your holiday. Clothes bring with you do not need to be new ones but it is better to bring old ones as you can leave them and make room for some gifts.


There are things you want to bring with you like your own energy bar, sun cream etc. and business card is one of the things you should bring with you. Playing golf is like going on a big networking event. You do not not know what kind of people or opportunity you may have so bring your business card with you is a good way to expand your network. Other things like golf gps devices or other technological devices are in the list as well.


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