How to stay cool and still play well

October 4, 2016

When you look at people on magazines’ cover in golf suits and look very cool, do you want to be like them? The answer must be yes. But sometimes the weather is one factor that makes it hard for us to be cool, especially after hours of practising. I have been to some countries including countries in tropical areas and the summer there is very hot.

Because it is hot, after several minutes in golf fields, you will get wet all over your body. Windy weather is also an enemy of our determination to be cool. How can we be cool if we just walk out to golf field and the wind blow our hair like tree leaves and then we all look like birds after rain. All these ugly truth are the reasons why even though we try our best, there is no way we can stay cool. I used to be in the same situation as well but then I discovered some ways that can help us to keep staying cool for our golf sessions. Let me share them to you.

Do not go out without a towel

Bringing a towel with you sounds like you are going on a swimming session than a golf session but yes, it is exactly what you need to be cool under the sun. A good towel which is soft and can absorb water well will be your secret weapon to conquer the summer in golf fields. You do not have to bring it on your shoulders or around your neck but to keep it in your golf bag and take it out when you need. I do not have any comment if you still want to keep the towel around your neck.

Do not come too late

This means you have to be early and stay away from the sun and the heat. In summer days, when the sun rises at around 5.30 AM, you can then start your golf sessions and enjoy the cool weather until 7 AM. You then can have a shower, change clothes and go back to your work. What a wonderful way to keep balance between your favourite sport and your work. And this can also guarantee that you are always be cool. It might be a bit difficult for people who are not used to waking up early, but it is still worth to try. Not only morning, you can take advantages of the late afternoon as well.


Choose your clothes carefully

The best colour for your clothes should be white. This is to protect you from the sun and the heat. And this is the reason why you always see golf players to wear white things in their games. It does not matter what kind of design you are choosing to wear. You can take any kind of clothes you want to go out in golf fields. It is the materials of your clothes that you have to take into consideration. It has to be light, sweat absorbing and good air circulation.

Never forget your umbrella

An umbrella is not useful when it rains but also useful when it is sunny. It will create some shade for you when you are pulling your cart. It is very valuable and also romantic because you can share it with another person. If you are moving on a auto cart then this should not be a matter for you but in any case, I think an umbrella will help you a lot.


You car need to be parked in cool place

If it is possible, you should park your car under a shade, then you can escape the heat when you get into your car after the session. This small thing are crucial, especially when you have a long session. Imagine your car like a big glass box and how it absorb all the heat during your absence. It is also to protect your car as well for it can break soon if it is parked under the sun for long.

Drink a lot of water

This is for you to stay cool and also for your health. You can sweat a lot during the sessions and if you do not add water, your body will become weak easily. And if that happens, there is no way you can stay cool. You won’t want yourself to look like a walking dead just because you are too tired and can not move fast and stably. You can bring with you a small bottle of water or mineral water and put it in your golf bag. It is easy and does not cost you a lot.

My point is that you can stay healthy and cool at the same time when you go practise golf sessions. Use my tips and your next session will be better.


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