December 10, 2015

Golf Shoes are accessories that should not to be overlooked when you want to play golf, be it one-off or more regular activity. Most people who play golf do not think much at their feet while swinging their golf club. If your golf shoes do not fit your foot properly, it can affect your swing, your comfort and pleasure of playing. In addition, owning a wrong type of shoes or shoes with poor materials can also be harmful. Therefore, in this article we offer some tips to best choose a golf shoe for your shoe


Golf shoes have special features that make it an essential accessory to good golfing. Indeed, the golf shoes are equipped with studs on the sole that allow golfers to have a perfect stability. The different postures used in golf to implement his shots are made easier thanks to golf shoes. Their quality is important both for your game and for your personal comfort.

It is recommended to choose soft spikes for your golf shoe. Indeed, these are suitable for most of the route instead of nails spikes that may be prohibited. You can also preferably opt for a pair of shoes with cleats may change.

Finally, golf shoes are above all part of the panoply of sports clothing, which is why their choice is not to be neglected. Make sure you measure your foot in the shop. Do not assume that the size of golf shoes will be the same as your city pair or running shoe, you risk having surprises. Take your most 1 cm size; your feet might swell especially if you walk a lot. Plan ahead. We recommend you to try your pair of shoes before buying to make sure of its comfort but also the weight to be always on top of your golf course.


There are many types of golf shoes. You can, first of all, think about the use of your golf shoes before you decide on your purchase.

If you are a regular player, opt for classic shoes, that is to say, specifically created shoes for playing golf. They have adapted golf cleats and are designed to provide optimum stability. There are models in leather or synthetic materials.

Leather golf shoes have many advantages. They are comfortable but they allow, in addition, the foot to breathe while ensuring the impermeability of the shoe that will perfectly complement your rain outfit. Synthetic golf shoes, in turn, require very little maintenance and are therefore easier to maintain over the long term.

Finally, the second model of golf shoes is versatile shoes. You can use them in everyday life and also on your golf course. They consist of rubber studs in the sole that provide stability to golfers. These shoes are recommended rather to spot players who do not wish to invest in a pair of special shoes for golf.

According to the model that most appeals to you, go for a woman golf shoe or man golf shoe designed according to individual needs and therefore better suited to different types of swing while being comfortable.

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You must also take into account the maintenance of your golf shoes after purchase. The more your shoes are in good condition and you will get effective use. The synthetic shoes require less maintenance. Leather shoes, meanwhile, are asking to respect some small rules.

Do not leave your shoes in your trunk so because they suffer from excessive temperature rise. If your shoes are wet, let them dry naturally and avoid placing them near a radiator to avoid damaging the leather. Maintain them regularly, like your dress shoes, with quality products nourishing the leather.

Finally, know that owning two pairs of golf shoes toggles their use and thus extend the life of each pair, much more than if you buy two pairs of golf shoes one after another.

There are also accessories for your golf shoes, appropriate socks, etc. which enable you to best utilize your golf shoes.


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