You do not imagine how golf GPS can change your game on the course. No need to estimate, assessment or complicated calculations to determine how far you are from your target. Golf GPS devices use 4 satellites to get accurate to about 2 meters, which makes them more efficient than car GPS. They measure the distance from your position to the target (green, bunkers, obstacles, etc.) by combining the satellite signal to stored data, which can either be downloaded from the manufacturers’ websites, or manually entered during your recognitions course. Undeniably, this small object will help your game and improve your results: a better score with a reduced time. The best players are able to earn 10% more time on the course with this type of device. Thus, this tool allows for a faster game and therefore helps avoid the endless game.


Types of best golf gps device


golf gps device

What is a golf gps watch?

The golf GPS watch will be the formidable companion to improve your golf play level. The watch golf is becoming more powerful because it is crammed with electronics. All GPS watches can give you the distance to targets that cannot be seen. Many already include the areas, but keep in mind that the most basic watches will indicate the distance to the start, end and middle of the green, as well as obstacles, it shows you the view of the only green, it will also let you enter your gross score, it is preloaded with courses in the world (over 30,000 for the most expensive watches) and some golf GPS such as Garmin Approach S4 watch even receive emails and text messages from your phone via Bluetooth.

Advantages of a golf watch

Without the guidance, the golfer must assess only the distances throughout the golf course and guess all the specifics of the course. A golf GPS watch can give fast and accurate advice from anywhere on the course.

A GPS golf watch is fantastic for approaches. Through it you always know how far from the green you are. This golf device greatly facilitates the choice. A golf GPS watch is provided with more background and requires no subscription or additional configuration. It has a rechargeable built-in battery on the AC or USB. Most watches are allowed in competition.

A golf GPS watch does not slow down the game. It allows easy reading even in bright sunlight and provides updated information in real time. The information is immediate. GPS watch is also much more convenient to use than a smartphone with a GPS app for golf.

A golf GPS watch does not slow down the game. It allows easy reading even in bright sunlight and provides updated information in real time. The information is immediate. GPS watch is also much more convenient to use than a smartphone with a GPS app for golf.

A golf GPS watch gives essential information for golfers. 

All models can be obtained :

  • Automatic recognition of the course (thanks to the preloaded courses)
  • Automatic recognition of the hole
  • Distance traveled (odometer course)
  • Distances to the beginning, middle and green background
  • Distances of strokes played
  • Distances to obstacles
On the new models we can have even more:
  • Digital scorecard
  • Printable scorecard
  • View of green
  • Statistics
  • Touchscreen
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Swing analysis
  • Color of the trail maps
  • Disabilities

Disadvantages of a Golf watch

  • The number of distance and accuracy depend on the manufacturer
  • Not as accurate as golf laser rangefinders when the target is in sight
  • Configuration and downloading of course required in most cases
  • Remember that the distances are measured in a straight line and thus may differ stakes or markers in the case of variations in altitude between the ball and the flag


A handheld Golf GPS is about the size of a smart phone and also very easy to use. It can be fixed on the golf bag. This device monitors the different distances. The exact distance is reduced as you get closer to the golf hole. It delivers the distance to the front and rear edge and the middle of the green. The accuracy is 2-3 meters.


Always on home ground

A handheld Golf GPS is about the size of a smart phone and also very easy to use. It can be fixed on the golf bag. This device monitors the different distances. The exact distance is reduced as you get closer to the golf hole. It delivers the distance to the front and rear edge and the middle of the green. The accuracy is 2-3 meters.

Just point at the target

Do you need to measure the distance your next stroke? Simply press a finger on the screen and the handheld golf GPS shows you the exact distance to the target; no matter where you are on the pitch. The distance is updated naturally as you move the pitch. It is possible with manual adjustment of the current tee position. There is information about three-line so you always know when to expect an obstacle ahead and make a decision on the battle in good time.

Multiple paths

The coverage of course is updated and increased continuously, and you can download the latest information to your device absolutely free.

Keep track of your results

Some handheld golf GPS can register points for up to four players. You get an overview of the number of putts, strokes on the fairway, hit the green and the average length of your stroke with each stick. It is possible to connect it up with a PC so that after a day on the golf course, you can analyze and keep track of your results.

Why you should use golf gps device?

A golf GPS device will bring up electronic maps and detailed information about the course you are playing. Some devices will even offer tips, just like a real cart. Also, you might find GPS gadgets that will follow your golf ball so you lose no more balls in the trees, long grass or other hazards.

As golf has been such a popular game throughout the world, the golf GPS devices are becoming increasingly common. In many places you can rent a golf cart with a GPS device attached. There are a growing number of golf GPS units on the market today.

A GPS device provides an ideal overview of the golf course. Some GPS devices have color displays that allow you to measure at any point on the course. You get measurements from the beginning about the middle to the end of each “Greens”. Golf GPS devices are easy to use, like you use the navigation system in the car. If your hands are shaking, it rains or is foggy; you might have difficulty to target with a laser rangefinder to the flagstick or other object. Such problems you will not get with a GPS device.

A golf GPS provides you bunch of benefits even it is a stripped-back model or a modern one which show details. Why a golf GPS is preferred? There are several reasons below.

Golf GPS provides clear and fast information

Golf GPS in any kind plays an important role of showing you exact the distances of the yard. It calculates precisely how far you’re staying away from the center. This information is shown immediately and clearly on the device.

It doesn’t matter even when you are far from the device. All what you have to do is just turn it on while you’re in the yard. Even if you suffer from Technophobia, you still can use this product. That shows you how simply it works and how easy to use.

Golf GPS provides clear and fast information

If you’re totally into playing golf, you must have followed masters’ plays. You can’t agree with me more that if there is anything could speed up the plays, it’s a masterpiece. There is no more wasting time finding a club, it is right here on golf GPS.

Increase the speed of plays

The device measures exact the distance of the whole yard and also the length of the hole. Besides, you can also know the distance to the hazards, how far from your position to the front, back or center of the green. This information, of course, is totally precise and helpful, which can save a lot of time from estimating the distance without the device.

Bring about confidence

Knowing exact the distance between you and hole or the previous yard brings you a huge confidence which increases the precise of the next hitting. A three-quarter shot is no longer worried about. This relieve worrying make it better for the next swing.

Helpful for contrary shot

It is hard for the golfer to making shot in case the trees are in front the green that golfers can’t estimate precise the distance which makes the shot inaccurate. Here comes the golf GPS to help you out, no more inaccurate shots.

Increase the efficiency and the shoot high scores

Golf GPS helps golfers to be in shape of making accurate shots. This is comprehendible; the device has already provided exact information for each yard, which relieves the tension of making imprecise hitting.

Take pleasure in playing

Owning a device which brings you everything you need to know or even more about the play. You have to do nothing but analysis and making decisions. There nothing prevents you from enjoying the game.

Determine the round

To be in better shape in playing, this step is recommended after every game. You take a look back at your device; learn from the statistics to make better decision for the next yard. It provides you both the furthest and the closet shot you had made with every club.

Things to Consider before buying a golf GPS device

Buying a golf GPS device is a confusing experience. Each manufacturer lists a dizzying array of features and technical specifications. Besides, a multitude of pricing means for adding new routes in the unit’s database. Suffice to say that you are not out of the woods to choose your watch golf! But there is no need to worry; we are here to help you make the best choice to improve your game. Following are some criteria taken into account in the assessment.

golf equipement Installation

How quickly can you get out on the course with the device ready for use? Most of the tested devices require either an installation, an registration or both. Can we do without having to be a computer engineer? For those who do not want to waste time in front of their computer, choose a watch that is easily installed.

The availability of courses

Each manufacturer claims to have tens of thousands of golf courses in their database, but do they have your favorite golf course? And equally important, are the features available for announced courses?

Following are some common Golf GPS device and their course available. The courses in golf GPS device range from 10,000 to more than 30,000 courses. For example, in the golf GPS watch of Motorola MotoActv, there are more than 20,000 courses. Or in the other model of SkyGolf SGX GPS you can benefit from more than 30,000 courses. Moreover, courses can be downloaded for free or for fee on golf GPS products’ website. That is to say, you can continuously update the new courses and raise your level.

Ease of use

Features and course details are great but if you have to press 12 buttons before you get there, that is not a comfortable felling at all. How much easy is it to use the camera for a course? Does this watch golf have enough light so it does not bother me during my swing?

Therefore, it is essential that you should test the device before deciding to buy or better read the test on many websites. When testing the golf GPS device, pay attention to yardages and graphics which are displayed on the screen. Check if the device is easy to navigate or not.

There are some other features that contribute to the ease of use of a golf GPS device such as: Course storage, dimension and weight (of course, it should be light enough to bring around or attached to the golf bag), screen area (the bigger the screen is, the easier to use), batteries time (the batteries life time should go with the time of intended game round)

The battery life

How often should I recharge my battery? The manufacturer declares 8h autonomy in GPS mode, but is it enough for me to finish a second round without recharging? How long is a recharge? Is it easy to connect or is there a risk of finding myself without GPS watch Golf on the big day because of a capricious cable? Is the wall socket adapter provided?

Prefer a better battery life if you play often, or you happen to have more than 18 holes per day. Besides, you are advised to have buffer of 10-20% of operating time. And for sure, better have some spare battery on the way.

Course Coverage

And about the course, how much quality of information this golf GPS device gives me? How many obstacles and bunkers are displayed on a given hole? Do we see the distances of different points of layup (100m hole, 150m hole, etc.)? Can we add water hazards or additional bunkers to an existing route map and, if so, is it easy?

Fundamental when playing on a course for the first time, this criterion is not to be taken lightly.


There are normal screens and then a color screen. Some offer a rating system other digital everything. What are the distinctive characteristics of each Golf GPS device? All GPS devices provide input distances, environment and green background, but some offer pretty amazing opportunities like an aerial view of each hole cards with advanced numerical scores of your statistical analysis.

Do you need a pictorial view? A score card would be helpful? Monitor and analyze your progress does not hurt you? So look at the features that interest you. Or if you are simply keen on new technology!


The screen must be clear, colorful and easy to comprehend with contrary backgrounds against information on it. It should be easily to read even in sunlight. Almost golf GPS devices have touch screen with color that facilitate your using. In that way, it is very easy to control your device as well as your performance. Besides, in some models of GolfBuddy, you can enjoy the benefit of voice readings in the display function.


Of course, you do not want a heavy and big golf GPS device because the fact that golf requires a lot of things to bring. Therefore, Golf GPS should be small enough in order to fit in pockets. However, they usually get bigger by comparison; the best GPS size is the good one which is small and light as a phone. The most common size for golf GPS watch is 2.7 x 0.6 x 1.8 inches. However, remember that it should not be too small as you need to read the indicator on the screen.


There are two types of accuracy: The accuracy of the device or of the mapping. The first is based on the ability to detect the satellite signal and to accurately determine the location. The second measures if the route has been mapped correctly, that is to say, the input of green is well where the card claims to be. You do not have the compass in your eye? The precision must be an important consideration in your choice.

Membership or Subscription fees

Seriously, all GPS Golf models have a range of benefits and very different price structures. Some come with annual membership plans – a clever ploy by manufacturers to generate cash flow. For your contribution, you are entitled to a certain limit at times – or number of downloads during storage. This is stored either on the device itself or in cyberspace on a Web site hosted by the manufacturer.

The price range of golf GPS device can range around $100 to over $400. Manufacturers also offer different payment options to add routes on the device. Some include unlimited access to the course in the purchase price, while others charge a fee per course; others still require annual fees or even lifetime. Therefore what is the total cost of ownership for a period of 3 years?


A golf GPS watch costs between $150 and $400. It is much more than a golf GPS app on iPhone but it is much more accurate. With a small budget, you can choose the cheap and good quality / price ratio Golf watch are the Garmin Approach S2 and Bushnell Neo XS. Or, you have a bigger amount of money; do not hesitate to take a look at the most expensive watch is Garmin Approach S6. This is the latest generation of watch that offers in addition to the view of the course on a color touch screen and analyze your swing as Golf Game.


Before choosing a GPS watch for golfers, it is necessary to inquire about the quality, accuracy, design and usability. Choosing a golf GPS watch depends on your preferences in terms of ease of use and your budget. On some website such as, it is easy to find out customer reviews of each kind of golf GPS device. Their experience is precious for you have informed decision and to make a wise choice. Of course, the criteria taken into account may seem arbitrary, but we try to remain as objective and effective as possible. In another word, the choice is yours and it must match both your game and your personality.

Finally, ask yourself the right questions: “Is that what matters to me ?”, “accurate or ergonomics ?”, ” The style or simplicity ?”, “Am I the type who wants to save my scores and analyze my performance? “, “Do I play regularly enough to require a long battery life ?”, ” Perhaps even all at once if my budget allows me ?”. Up to you!


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