Garmin Approach S2 Watch: A Spectacular GPS Enabled Watch For Golfers

October 20, 2015
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Review Summary:

This product is an elegant looking device and has many useful features for the golfers. Features like GPS sensor, determination of hole and arc distances make this watch perfect for golfers. The price of the product is quite low and is easily available at Amazon store. Don’t miss the chance and grab your Approach S2 now!

Garmin S2 golf gps watch is an astounding golf watch that is highly capable of boosting the gaming standards of the golfers. Powered by a highly-sensitive and advanced GPS technology, this device displays a host of essential information in an accurate manner to the golf enthusiasts. Just wrap this watch around your wrist and get ready to experience a whole new way of playing golf. Measuring distances on the golf course and getting information about holes has become a lot easier with the inception of this phenomenal gadget.

Fabulous Features of S2 Golf Watch

  • Get precise information of more than 39,000 golf courses all around the world
  • Easily measures dogleg distances to see around tricky corners on the course.
  • It is easy for golfers to keep track of the score using digital scorecards and save it for future use.
  • Golfers can have a precise idea about their position. This watch automatically updates itself when they cross one green to the next.
  • It is easy for players to know their exact positions and how far they are from the middle, back and front of the green.
  • The device comes with lifetime course updates and no additional subscriptions are required.
  • For clear visibility, the watch has a sunlight viewable screen that displays large fonts.
  • The watch has a four pin clip for efficient charging and transfer of data.


Benefits of the product for customer

This watch is lightweight, rugged and waterproof that also comes in a wide colour options. Golfers can choose their favourite coloured watch to match their style and personality. This device comes with removable bands, which makes it comfortable for the golfers to wear this gadget. Apart from golf, this device is perfect for everyday use, as it has got an alarm clock, an Odometer and an automatic time recognition module.




  • Easy to use, as there aren’t any unnecessary buttons on the watch.
  • Decorative bezel provides an enhanced look to the watch.
  • Thousands of pre-loaded golf courses.
  • Ability to show precise distances to the golfers about crooked holes and arcs.
  • Facilitates measuring individual shot distances.
  • Waterproof.
  • Digital Scorecard.
  • Course updates are free for lifetime.
  • Can be used as a normal day-to-day watch.


  • This watch doesn’t allow golfers to add custom points. Moreover, golfers can’t share their scores with friends on social media.


How to use Approach S2 Watch?

There are four buttons given on the watch; up, down, menu and power/backlight. To start a round, golfers need to press the power/backlight button, then select, ‘Start Round’ option. After that, choose the respective course from the scrollable list. After selecting the course, the golfer will see a tee box. That’s the time when the watch will default to the nearest hole according to the position of the golfer.


Maintaining of Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch

Since the watch is waterproof, golfers can use water to clean the watch. Using a regular detergent along with warm water will eradicate all the marks and spots from the watch. A sponge or soft cloth dipped in the solution of detergent and water will vanish all undesired marks. Don’t immerse the watch in the water and avoid the use of hard chemicals for cleaning, as they may cause damage to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Garmin has made a device for the golfers, which they can use to enhance their game in short time. Garmin Approach S2 has many high-end features for better golfing experience. With such a less price, the product has become the first choice of professional golfers. This product is highly recommended as it has all that users may need to improve their game.

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