Garmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch : An Exceptional GPS Golf Watch By Garmin

October 6, 2015
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Review Summary:

This review is about an advanced GPS golf watch that is highly useful for golfers. Garmin, a renowned brand brings a compact yet handy GPS Golf watch by the name of Approach S1. The watch covers information related to thousands of courses around the US. It is quite easy to use this device. The battery life is OK, but could be a lot better. The device is unique and advantageous for serious golfers.

  1. Garmin Approach S1 is one of the most exciting watches that can be used to improve Golf skills. This GPS Golf watch is highly flexible and lightweight sport watch that includes a cutting-edge GPS receiver. The watch includes thousands of preloaded U.S. courses. Having this sports watch on the wrist allows a person to measure shot distances and track how far he/she walks on the course. This watch comes in a wide range of colour options and is one-of-its own kind of full-featured sports watch and Golf GPS.

Product Features

garmin approach s1 gps golf watch
Precisely measure yardages and distances travelled
This amazing watch provides you with a precise yardages to the front, back and the middle. No matter, which part of the course you play your shot from, this watch will measure precise yardages every single time. The screen of this watch is also better than many other sports watches available in the market. It has got a sunlight-viewable screen along with large numbering that allows users to see without putting any strain to their eyes.

Ready-to-go Watch
With thousands of preloaded US courses, there is no need to subscribe to anything when buying this spectacular GPS Golf Watch. All golfers need to do is purchase the watch, unbox it and use. There is no need of any additional setup, which makes this watch a popular choice among the Golf lovers.

Ideal for everyday use
Though it has been made for course playability, but users can use it in day-to-day lives as well. The watch has a lithium ion battery, which is rechargeable. The watch automatically sets time and time zone and the alarm is also present in the watch.


What benefits do golfers get from this product ?

garmin approach s1 gps golf watchWith the inclusion of so many preloaded courses, this watch is a great buy for the golfers because there is no other device that offers so many preloaded courses at this price. The size of this watch is quite beneficial for the golfers because they don’t want anything bulky and poky on their arms when they are playing golf. The navigation menu of the watch is easy-to-use, so you don’t have to waste your important time finding the right options.

The precision of the distance finder is also one of the key benefits, as there are not many sports-watches available in the market, which have such a great precision. The exterior of the device is made up of a smooth black rubber, which won’t cause any discomfort during the swing. Also, the weight of the device is 1.8 ounces, which is the lightest in the lot. The body of the device is well-made and quite durable and golfers can easily adjust the watch to get the most appropriate fit.


  • Golfers just have to twist their wrists to access all the necessary information.
  • The course coverage of this watch is simply amazing.
  • Golfers can access the course database without paying any fees.
  • The product is quite easy to use. You can easily navigate menus, depress buttons and host of other features.
  • S1 acquires all the updates and distances as quickly as any other Golf GPS devices available in the market.


  • The information regarding the distance is limited to near, far and centre from the green.
  • Golfers will not be able to see scores and statistics in this watch, which is a big minus.
  • Battery life is average.


How to Use this product ?

garmin approach s1 gps golf watch

  • Charge the watch by plugging it into the wall socket;
  • Once it is charged, press and hold the power key to turn on the watch;
  • It will automatically acquire satellite signals in 30-60 seconds. Make sure to exit the power saving mode. If there is any difficulty in acquiring the signals, then, go outside the building;
  • Once everything is done, start the round at the course.

How to maintain this product ?

There is nothing complicated when it comes to maintaining S1 GPS Golf watch. Just make sure to avoid keeping the watch in the extreme temperatures for too long, as it can cause permanent damage. Also, don’t make use of chemical cleaners or solvents, as they can damage the plastic components in the watch. You can use a regular detergent and a dampened cloth to clean the watch or you can wipe it with a dry cloth as well. Cleaning watch after coming back from the course will prolong the life of the device.


Frequently Asked Questions

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This beautiful and sophisticated Garmin Approach S1 (Preloaded with US Courses) is a great device for serious golfers, as it has a sleek design, accuracy in showing information and water-repellent capabilities. A device like this can bring a significant amount of change in the results of the game. Players who have just started playing golf can also use this device, as it will enhance their interest in the game and boost them towards perfectionGarmin Approach S1 GPS Golf Watch is available at an affordable price, so get this watch today and enhance your golfing experience.

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