Do not take a risk if you cannot afford it

August 10, 2016

A game is like an adventure and there are many times when players have to make risky decisions. None can say for sure that taking risks is good or bad and when you are in the situation when there is no other choice for you then taking a risk is necessary. When you take a risk, it means you are putting your fate in the hand of luck. If you are lucky, everything will go as you want it to and things will be bad if luck is not in your side.

In any case, I recommend you not to take a risk if you are not forced to do it. In other words, you have to take careful consideration if you can pay the price or not when you take the risks. Below are some cases when you may think of taking a risk and some advises for you so that you can keep calm and know how to make a good decision.

Take the ball if you can

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One of the biggest risks that you may take is to play with your golf ball in real games even when you are not ready. This means that you will lose many of your balls on the water, on a bush and many other places that you cannot take them back. It is such a waste for you when you have to pay a lot on your golf balls for a nonsenses reason like this. And on this case, you can surely have other choices rather than wasting your golf balls so there is no reason or excuse for you to take this risk.


Do not let other wait because of a ball

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It is about the ball again. When you are confident enough to use your golf balls, there are still times when you cannot control it and hit it somewhere you do not aim at. In these cases, you have maximum five minutes to look for it and continue your course. However, sometimes, it takes you more than five minutes to take the balls back and the matter is that you do not know how long it may take. You have to be very careful here to see if there anyone behind you waiting for the tee. If someone is waiting for their tee turn behind you then you have to act quickly. If the golf balls fall somewhere you think you cannot get them back in a short time then you should give up on it.


Why not sharing the cart ?

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Here is another advice for you on how to save on your games. Sharing cart with others is a good way for you to make it easier and faster for you. This is not really a risk but it does require you to break through from your comfort zone to get closer to others. This is a risk that I recommend you to do as soon as possible and do not afraid of doing it. This risk gives you more benefits than you can imagine and it has no harm to you.

To summary up, there are times when you have to take risks and you surely have to be very careful. There are risks you should not take but there are some you have to take.


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