Apps, accessories and tips for golfers

November 20, 2015

With golf season start from 15-18 May, it’s time to equip yourself with the latest technology.

Apps accessories and tips for golfers

Golf Swing Analyzer PRO 3BaysGSA

Small, lightweight and designed to be easily placed in the handle of the golf club, this device opens a new perspective in analyzing the golf swing: captures the movement of the putter head and instantly sends the data to iPhone, iPod touch or iPad where the GSA PRO free app compares movement of each club head from multiple angles.

The app shows an animation of your swing arc and consistency and tempo, backswing length, angle and other details. Thanks to its light and stylish design, the PRO 3BaysGSA does not bother you to prepare to swing or affect the weight distribution of the golf club.

Price: 199.95 eur.

Zepp sensor GolfSense

GolfSense is a device designed to capture information in real time and analyze the swing. It uses data from four motion sensors to calculate the speed and position of the stick, tempo and swing path. With GolfSense the free app for iPhone and iPad, you can analyze each of the segments swing from any angle. GolfSense connects to iOS device via Bluetooth.

The app can be automatically capture and save all or only swings of your choice by pressing the yellow button. Enabling the impact detection system, GolfSense recorded swings only where there has been a real contact with the ball. The app can analyze a swing separately, compare two swings, and even compare your swing with professionals and coaches.

Price: 129.95 eur.

GPS provides distances on any golf course in the world, 3D images of the field indicating yards, and scoring, statistics and handicap for 4 players.

PGA Tour Caddie (Free)

It allows golfers worldwide transform your iPhone or iPod touch into an essential tool for determining the distance in real time and stick in the selection of more than 40,000 green fields. The app will recommend the best choice based on past hits, it shall score the route, condition of streets … and develop statistics that will help improve your game. You can store the photos you take the blow to keep a historical record that will help in subsequent runs.

Golfshot: Golf GPS (26.99 eur)

One of my most popular course with GPS can access to more than 40,000 golf courses. To know at all times how far away the green, to choose the right club; timely planning strategy to overcome the difficult points such as bunkers; and complete the best card, you should use this app.

Apps accessories and tips for golfers

V1 Golf (4.99 euros)

App specializing in the analysis of the swing. It lets you compare your swing with PGA Tour professional as Lee Westwood, Darren Clarke, Mark O’Meara, Freddy Couples, Nick Price and Vijay Singh, among others. You can watch a replay in slow motion of the swing, or frame by frame, to analyze exactly where the strengths and weaknesses are.

Plant Garden Compass (Free)

You do not know if that undergrowth where the ball just hit that is infested by a plague and there should not entertain much? Take a picture and this app will identify the problem.

Robert Rock tips to improve the game

The British golfer Robert Rock uses the iPhone, iPad and apps to improve game and train their pupils.

My favorites devices AimPoint (21.99 euros), V1 Golf (4.99 euros) and Ubersense include: Coach & Golf Swing Analysis (Free), as well as the sophisticated camera along with its complementary Trackman, Trackman Golf app.

Rock, professional golfer, says some free or low cost apps available on the App Store, apps have improved performance in the field and have training technologies for any amateur golf.

These are the tips from Rob about using two interesting and affordable apps from the App Store to improve the game.

Apps accessories and tips for golfers

1. Set the app tiltmeter for measuring percentage (%) and then trace the straight line rise and find the midpoint of the putt. It is halfway between the ball and the hole. Record the percentage (%) will be in between 1 and 4.

2. Using AimPoint enter the percentage (%) measured the previous point to give the desired slope and then determines the distance of the putt and insert it into the app.

3. Considers speed in green fields. Most greens are in the strip 7, 8, 9, 10.

4. Using the app as if the iPhone was found at the midpoint of the putt, says the zero line to the hole. Then move the arrow to where the ball. This will give a distance to point to the right or left, and a set distance to be considered for strike downhill or uphill.

5. Make a test on a 5-foot putt, on a slope, to confirm the speed of the green. Measurements were taken to a putt fast enough to spend 9 inches. If you see the test putt falls short, it changes the estimate of the speed of the green.



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