5 tips to control your approach shots

December 13, 2015

Successful approach shots is one of the most important skills to acquire to improve your golf game. To help you get as close to the hole, here are five essential tips.

Here are five tips that – with a little practice – will help you acquire the qualities needed to succeed every time your approach shots on the golf course. Your scorecard will be definitely improved.

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  1. Transfer your weight on your front foot

You want your ball when you hit it up, but you should also make sure to put your weight on the foot in front.

  1. Hold the lower stick

When you are about to “chipper”, hold down the stick.

Not only this will bring you closer to the ball and give you more control when you hit, but it will ensure that your staff is well balanced.

Make sure you do not bend your shoulders. Only do reposition your hands on the handle of the stick.

  1. Hit the ball in the back of your position

Your weight is on your front foot, but you should hit the ball in the back of your position.

This ensures that you do not hit your ball too high or too far.

  1. Practice with different sticks

To control your approach shots, practice with different clubs in various places on the field and varying distances.

Hit 10 balls with your pitching wedge (pitching wedge), 10 balls with your iron 8 and 10 balls with your sand wedge (sand wedge). You’ll be able to experiment different approach shots on the field.

Once on the ground, then you will know how to choose the stick at that time.

The 8 iron is ideal for a kick-down approach.

The pitching wedge is ideal for a low blow in the tall grass.

The sand wedge is ideal for a ball out of a sand trap.

  1. Keep your head

Contrary to what you do when you kick – the drive – keep your head up when you do an approach shot. Do not look into the air; just keep your chin to your chest clear.

If your head aligned with your spine, your body can rotate more easily during the coup.

Do not return the ball (flipping) or give it a quick blow with the wrist (flicking).

tips for golf

FAQs of basic technical approaches

How to dose an approach? 

The dosage of an approach (like other shots dosage) is mainly done by varying the momentum of the club back from the ball. You must then maintain a fluid and constant crossing to cross at least after the ball that you have taken momentum. To this basic technique the pros use, good player can allow small variations in how to speed. At an average level of player that will give only approximate and very inconsistent results. If the acceleration is constant, the balls will be the same distance.

How far to begin approaches area?

The approach area may correspond to the distance from which you cannot hit full shots, even with your shortest club. This varies among players. After full stroke with the short club, you can run the 1/2 swing with or without pitch wedge, small approaches start when this kind of shots are too long.

How to be specific?

Depending on the situation, determine club selection (low blow with a little rolled or lobbed shot) then imagine the place where the ball should fall to the floor so that it stops rolling at the hole. Enjoy this calculation the various slopes and slope of the green and imagined their influence on the ball. These parameters are used to visualize an ideal area (base) of the size of an open umbrella. Train you to fall into an open umbrella varying distances and clubs.

My balls are usually too short?

It is due to the miscalculation of the ball drop point or lack of amplitude of the club head during the swing. It is also possible that on the contrary you take too much momentum and you slow down on the descent towards the ball. In all cases, the natural tendency, even at a good level is to play short (& putting approaches) or to the proverb: “Never up, never in” if you do not give a chance to get to your ball hole, it does not fall into it.

Why my club scratching the floor before the ball?

Often when the momentum of the club head is too large, the player slowed in the strike zone and loses the dynamics of the coup, the club then scrapes the ground before the ball. The ball may be placed too far to the left foot for a medium level of play. More than actually raising the ball, this investment is a source of guitars for many players. The easiest way is to place your ball in the center of both feet on your approach shots.

Golf is a sport that combines strategy, skill and technique. Sometimes master an aspect of the game – as the approach shot – is all it takes to make a big difference in your scorecard. So feel free to practice and test our advice. Enjoy the game!


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