How to use golf gps devices in smart ways (Part 2)

January 10, 2017
Using golf gps in smart ways - P2

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Use the statistics collected from your golf gps devices

Each of golf gps device has the function that helps you record figures related to your games. These numbers are very good indication of how good you are and what aspects you still have to work on to improve. So you need to collect these figures regularly and use them for more practise. Continue reading

You can play golf like kings or queens (Part 1)

November 20, 2016
Play like kings

Golf is a special sport and we all know this. Sometimes I think that golf is not only a game but it also brings many values. Not like other sports, when you look at a golf game or observe other people playing golf, you can see that nobody rushes and none of them look like they are competing seriously. They all look like they are walking and doing some kind of leisure activity.Continue reading

Slow players, fast players

October 26, 2016

When it comes to learning, there are people who are very quick in learning. For these people, there seem to be nothing can stop them from being brilliant at the subjects. This is called talent. On the other hand, there are people who have to struggle with all the steps and theories. Even though they are very diligent, it is hard for them to get through to master the subject. Each person has their own learning speed and this can be fast, this can be slow. If you know who you are in this race, you may get a better idea on how to improve your scores.Continue reading

Do not stay idle in off-peak time

October 21, 2016

In some countries, it is not possible to play golf all around the year. The weather and other conditions are not suitable for these things out door sports. But if you rely on golf as a sport that keep you fit and you sincerely want to be good at this sport then what can you do during these off-peak times? Some choose just stay idle over the time and when they come back to golf they have to work harder to break all the tension in their muscles. It is obviously not a good choice for you. Instead you can do something to keep yourself fit and to make sure that all of your muscles are good enough to come back to golf whenever you want. I would like to share with you some of the way as such.

Continue reading

How to travel around playing golf

October 16, 2016

Like doing gym, if you play golf, you can play it almost everywhere you go. Some hotels do offer golf courses and they even have golf field for you to practise. I know many people who want to play golf when they travel because this is not only a hobby but also a sport that help them stay fit. But preparing and packing for golf is also a trouble for everyone when they travel. There are too many things you have to bring with you and they are quite heavy. If you are on a holiday, you may not want to bring a lot of heavy things with you.

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When the sand is hard and compacted

October 10, 2016

This morning when I drove my car out of my garage and head forward to my favourite golf site, the weather forecast on my radio said that it was going to rain and the rain would not stop until this weekend. What a bad weather for playing golf or any outdoor sports. I am thinking about heading to some indoor golf grounds so that I can avoid this crazy weather. When driving back I was thinking of all the times when I went to golf fields after a rain and the field looked like somebody’s hair after washing. Continue reading

How to stay cool and still play well

When you look at people on magazines’ cover in golf suits and look very cool, do you want to be like them? The answer must be yes. But sometimes the weather is one factor that makes it hard for us to be cool, especially after hours of practising. I have been to some countries including countries in tropical areas and the summer there is very hot.

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